Use Content Domination and Rule

Guy Bourdin’s archive Circa 1978 © PleasurephotoAmazing how many things one can learn from hanging out with a couple of friends. As you know, Level Headed Marketing has been inviting a variety of guests to discuss a variety of trending topics or what we feel has had a high degree of discussion online.

Let me add, doing these hangouts has been a blast, transcribing and writing about them has been rewarding, although a bit of a challenge. You see, being part of a session, there’s never enough time to cover all your ideas. Especially when you have great speakers joining that session. Then I start listening to the sessions and realize Oo – I forget to ask this? Or omg – I should have mentioned this here. Needless to say there’s always more to be said on any given topic. Especially when discussing Content Domination.

This past week, Doc and I were joined by Jennifer Horowitz, and Melissa Fach, and discussed our thoughts and ideas on Content Domination. From how it plays a role in a marketing strategy, to what you can expect its role to be in your overall goals.

Remember folks it’s not just about creating great content with awesome keywords… It’s so much more. From building your authority to maximizing the conversation. Sit back, grab a cup of coffee or tea and listen to the great ideas our guests had to share with us.


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